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Redefine Your Retail Vision by Unleashing the Power of Foot Traffic Insights to Elevate Retail Performance.

Empower Sales Conversion with Actionable Data-driven Insights

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Harnessing the exceptional insights provided by our people counting system, retailers unlock a refined competitive advantage.

Unleash the power of Iris 1, combining people counting and sales data for optimal sales conversion. Analyze visitor numbers, align with sales data, and make data-driven decisions to maximize sales potential and drive growth.

Uncover the Financial Impact of Promotions with ROI Analysis

Amplify the impact of your marketing campaigns with our cutting-edge machine learning algorithm. Harnessing the power of data, we swiftly evaluate the effectiveness of your events.

Gain valuable insights on attracting the right audience and unlock the key to future improvements. Empower your marketing strategy with data-driven precision, driving unparalleled success in each campaign.

Strategize for Optimal Staffing Precision

Achieve the optimal staff-to-foot-traffic ratio to directly influence customer experience and sales performance.

With Iris Technologies’ cutting-edge people counting system, retailers gain the power to precisely measure foot traffic and leverage this valuable data to make informed staffing decisions.

Key Capabilities

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Introducing Iris 1

Go beyond the visible.

Unlock potential
with IrisOS

At Iris Technologies, we empower businesses with the extraordinary capabilities of Iris 1. This cutting-edge technology not only captures crucial information but also seamlessly converts it into comprehensive and meaningful data and reports.

With our advanced software solutions, the vast amount of data generated by Iris 1 is seamlessly transformed into actionable insights. Our robust algorithms and intelligent analytics unravel the true potential hidden within the data, providing management with a clear understanding of trends, patterns, and opportunities.

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